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After comparing the main characteristics this would easily be one of the best classic pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices in the under $2000 range. Manufactured in the European Union and purchased from a former Romanian distributor, every available device has only been tested for a few minutes, no one has been lying on the mats and all of them are in perfect condition. It is extremely versatile PEMF mat, both for home and professional use.

It has options superior to a lot more expensive devices such as Bemer, iMrs, QRS and many other brands. This is a version with both sine and square waveforms, 0.1-99 Hz frequency range, and 2.5-60 microtesla intensity.

With 5 preset programs, and additional custom setting option that has adjustable intensity and polarity (program 6), it provides an easy to use but advanced home PEMF therapy.


The PEMF (Induction Flux) Category is based on the principle that the Earth’s magnetic field is best for creating a healing environment within the body through natural processes.

Program 1: sine wave, 12-22 Hz

Program 2: sine wave, 8-11 Hz

Program 3: sine wave, 0.5-5 Hz

Program 4: square wave, 12-22 Hz

Program 5: square wave, 8-11 Hz

Program 6: sine wave,  0.1-99 Hz. In program 6 you can choose any of the frequencies from 0.1 to 99 Hz range and you have the option to choose polarity (reversing, negative or positive polarity)!


Vasindux Home (Lite) PEMF Therapy Mat:

-8 coils, evenly distribute the magnetic field throughout the mat

promote the body’s natural regeneration processes starting at the cellular level. This includes the regeneration of blood vessels, as well as healthier tissue, cells, and nerves.

- 70 x 27 inches (180 x 70 cm), and has a flexible design making it easy to use it anywhere

- field strength of between 2.5 and 60 Microtesla depending upon the setting you choose

both the sine and square wave forms, which studies have shown to be effective for cellular stimulation and regeneration

Contraindications: people with pacemakers or other electronic implants, cochlear implants or mechanical heart valves, during pregnancy, people with epilepsy or bleeding, organ transplant recipients, those on immunosuppressive therapy, and for individuals with non MRI safe IUDs. Malignant tumors, fever, viral or bacterial infection, children under the age of 5, complaints of unknown origin, myasthenia gravis, hyper functional hormonal disorders, increased thyroid function.


Tech Specs:

Input: AC 100/240V – 50/60 Hz

Output:12V DC - 1.5A

Coil Type: 8 Coils

Waveform: Sine or Square

Magnetic Field Strength: 2.5-60 Microtesla

Frequency Range: 0.1-99 Hz

Mat Material: Poly-Cotton

Mat Size: 70 x 27 inch (180 x 70 cm)

Mat Weight: 9 lb (4.1 kg)



Devices will be inspected to ensure everything is in perfect order and shipped 1-2 business days after receiving payment. 

Estimated delivery time after shipment with tracking number included:

4-8 business days to Europe and Russian Federation, 6-15 business days to United States, Canada and the rest of the world.

*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic make sure your country is on the approved list before ordering:

As the device will be resold, the manufacturer's warranty does not apply and does not extend to any transferee, assignee, or subsequent purchaser. All eventual returns will be dealt through Quattro-Med exclusively.

Please be advised about the import duties, taxes and charges that may apply in your country as they are not included in the total price.


Offer includes:

-Vasindux Home control unit, applicator/mattress: 180 x 70 cm (70 x 27 inch), user manual (English copy), power supply unit (Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, Output: 12V/1.5A)


Our goal is to build a long term business partnerships by offering high quality, reliable and durable products at affordable prices.

We hope you will join us in discovering high quality versatile devices and that our attention and overall service will be a reason for your positive feedback and for our long term cooperation.


Return policy:

Devices will be inspected and sent in perfect order. If there is any problem contact us in the first 14 days after receiving items. If you would like to return the device take into consideration that the buyer pays for the return shipping and restocking fees (18%). Defective or stained devices are not eligble for a return. Ordered items are not transferable.

Basic information
As the device will be resold, the manufacturer's warranty does not apply and does not extend to any transferee, assignee, or subsequent purchaser. All eventual returns will be dealt through Quattro-Med exclusively.
9 lb

Quattro-Med PEMF Customer service usual reply on a business day is within few hours, but feel free to send a message at any time and we will respond as soon as possible.

All of the offered PEMF devices are made in Europe (Quattro-Med mattress is made in Italy) so there will be no additional fees for orders from European Union, but for other countries customs fees may apply. Additional costs are buyers responsibility.
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