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All refurbished devices are inspected and in perfect condition, both visual and technical.

Due to its new, ergonomic design you will experience the wonderful beneficial effects of PEMF while you are watching TV or even from you favorite armchair. Thanks to its brand new design, the new generation mattress is bigger (size: 165 x 65 cm), it is easy to fold (quadfold), store, transport and requires very little space. It is easy to clean and absolutely hygienic. The control unit has a „soft-touch”, non-slide surface.

Pads Mat PEMF mattress is an elegantly shaped, compact pulsed electromagnetic field therapy mattress and it is the best classic PEMF device under $1000.

With its versatile features this is the best classic PEMF therapy device under $1000, giving more options than high end devices such as Bemer and similar products.



3 programs:

  1. frequency increases from 3 Hz to 38 Hz and drops back
  2. frequency changes between 1 and 99 Hz
  3. you can choose any frequency in the 1-99 Hz range!

Max. magnetic field intensity on the surface of the device is 220 microtesla and there are 8 copper coils ensuring complete body treatment if needed. Since it can be folded you can also arrange it in a triangle or a square to isolate smaller body part.

Mattress should be used on a regular basis, for best results 2 or 3 times a day. One session usually lasts 20-30 minutes. It is safe to use, with no side effects and it is completely painless. Mattress is provided with a simple control unit, no special expertise is needed.



Due to its special design Mat can be used both in horizontal and vertical position. It is a mobile device, foldable and easy to transport, so you can take it with you when going on a vacation.

Device is ideal for all ages with most reported success in treating people over 50. By that age body is often overstressed. Combination of bad environmental conditions, stress and unhealthy way of life results in worsening of our condition.

Considering natural, complementary PEMF treatments before severe disorders occur would be a much healthier option. In that way we would be less disillusioned with traditional treatments, often treating only the symptoms. Combining PEMF therapy as a proven complementary method with traditional ones can be a very useful in preventing certain conditions. PEMF therapy promotes our body self-healing mechanisms, helping us to achieve overall better results.


PEMF  devices are not used as medical devices, but over the last few decades a multitude of studies and testimonials have confirmed the beneficial effects on a number of issues including:

    -circulation disorders, venous diseases, extremities with bad circulation, ulcerous wounds (e.g. as a result of diabetes), bed     sore, blood pressure problems, bronchitis, pain relief, diabetes complications due to bad circulation: retinopathy, peripheral nerves malfunction, ocular disroders, glaucoma, ulcers, disorders involving bone loss (e.g. osteoporosis), badly recovering fractures, helping bone recovery and osteogenesis, joint problems, arthritis pain relief, tendinitis, badly recovering fractures, e.g. sport fractures, arthrosis, certain nervous system disorders, different types of pain, improvemenet of general condition, decrease fatigue.



Ions with electric charge are streaming in our blood and they are vital for cells. When we are ill, the electric resistance of the inflammated part of the body increases so the ions streaming in the blood will avoid this area. The magnetic field generated by the PEMF instrument will induce electric stream in the treated area, thus helping in re-establishing balance and lifting the block. This can be a great help in the recovery process.

The effects of PEMF can speed up the recovery process in case of fractured bones, after sport injuries, and it is recommended for problems caused by inadequate blood circulation.

PEMF can be an additional help for osteogenesis and tissue generation, it can help reduce inflammation and pain accompanying various problems and it has a positive effect on circulation disorders. It favours new blood vessel regeneration, thus helping in the treatment of disorders evolving as a result of diabetes (such as retinopathy, peripheral nerves malfunction, ocular disroders, glaucoma, ulcers).

It can have a positive effect on the general state of mind and in the case of sleep disorders. In addition to these, it has promising results in wound healing. It is recommended for people who lead a stressful life, feel a lack of energy and want to improve their overall well-being.


There are no known side effects, but it is not recommended to use the PEMF therapy in the following conditions:

-pregnancy, pacemakers or other electronic implanted devices, such as insulin pump. Hemorrhaging, cancer, diseases of unknown origin, epilepsy, immunosuppression, in febrility and infection conditions ( tuberculosis, acute viral infections), children under the age of 8.

In cases of heavy menstrual bleeding the instrument can be applied all over the body with the exception of the pelvis.

When blood pressure is extremely low, therapy can reduce it further due to its vasodilation effect, though this symptom usually disappear after few treatments. Step by step therapy session must be longer and carried out under supervision.

In case of untreated childhood diabetes medical consultation is required prior to the application of the instrument and only in combination with medical treatment, only in cases where at least some pancreas activity is present.

For neurological disorders (e.g. stroke) cautiousness is recommended before the first treatment, since PEMF therapy may trigger apoplexy.



Device is distributed in the form of a foldable mattress (size: 165 × 65 cm).

Packaging contains: mattress, adapter (worldwide use), control unit and instructions manual. Please keep the mattress in its box when not in use to avoid possible damage.


Return policy:

Returns are not enabled for this promotional device, but every device will be inspected and sent in as described order, both visual and technical.


Our goal is to build a long term business partnerships by offering high quality, reliable and durable products at affordable prices.

We hope you will join us in discovering this high quality versatile device and that our attention and overall service will be a reason for your positive feedback and for our long term cooperation.

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