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European low frequency pulse magnetotherapy device with XL size version of applicator (1710 x 530 mm). 

Currently not available!

All available devices were refurbished as few of them had minor controller malfunctions and all of them have been restored to good as new condition.

Devices come with a one year warranty and they are in perfect condition. Devices are or were registered as a medical devices in several European countries. Outside Europe acquring up/down converter is recommended in order to adjust power supply voltage.

Frequency range: 2 - 117 Hz

Max. magnetic field intensity: 30 microtesla

Application time: 25-75 min

Power supply voltage: 230 V (+-10%) / 50 Hz

Offer includes: applicator, controller (generator), instructions, user manual, power supply and a bag (suitcase) for a whole set.


General principles for device use:

  • The most effective magnetotherapy is if it is done daily for at least 2 to 3 months, although long-term use generally gives better results.

  • Irregular use of the device, especially at the beginning of treatment, is less effective.

  • Magnetotherapy is advantageous in combination with all classical medical procedures except radiation treatment by X-rays or other ionizing radiation.

  • Like other curative methods, magnetotherapy is not a cure for all health problems. In justified cases, magnetotherapy should be consulted with a specialist.

  • Do not quit magnetotherapy at the same time, but extend the intervals between each use of the device (eg 3 times a day, 2 times a day, 1 times a day) if possible.

  • People with low or high blood pressure may experience sudden drops. This phenomenon is not a reason to interrupt the use of this device because it usually disappears within 5-10 days. For this reason, we always recommend sitting or lying down for the entire treatment period. It is advisable to stand up to 5 minutes after application. It is also possible to shorten the time for the first few applications in half.

  • Occasionally there is no improvement immediately after treatment. However, after few weeks, the improvement usually takes effect.

  • About 10% of people may experience a temporary deterioration. This phenomenon is similar to that of a spa stay. This indicates that the magnetic field affects the person and the body reacts to it. There is definitely no reason to stop using this device, but shorten the application time (eg, regeneration mode to end after 10 minutes). After alleviating the difficulties, it is possible to increase the duration of the application again slowly.

  • The effect of any physical therapy is slower compared to drug use, but the effectiveness is longer.

  • Magnetotherapy supports regeneration processes and accelerates metabolism, so it is also necessary to help the body also efficiently divert metabolic and detoxification products. Be sure to have enough fluids all day and before and after each magnetotherapy, then drink at least one or two glasses of water.


Return policy:

Returns is not enabled for this refurbished device, but it will be inspected and sent in as described order, both visual and technical.


Our goal is to build a long term business partnerships by offering high quality, reliable and durable products at affordable prices.

We hope you will join us in discovering this high quality versatile device and that our attention and overall service will be a reason for your positive feedback and for our long term cooperation.


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Quattro-Med PEMF devices are made in Italy and Hungary so there will be no additional fees for orders from European Union, but for other countries customs fees may apply. Additional costs are buyers responsibility.
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