Lavender essential oil (l. intermedia, 50 ml)

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Completely natural, healthy product created on the idyllic location of the Croatian sunny hills providing excellent conditions for the cultivation of this invaluable plant which has been enjoyed and used as a natural remedy for over 2000 years.

Natural, 100 % home made products are a result of careful cultivation. Main intention is to produce superb products, both with practical use and aesthetic appeal.


Lavandin (lavandula x intermedia or hybrida):

- is believed to help you relax, sleep, relieve body aches, relieve anxiety, and may encourage blood flow.

-is considered to be an antiseptic and can clean the body and the home

-can help repel moths, spiders, and other bugs


100% Pure Lavandin essential oil (50 ml, 1.69 oz) made by steam distillation of a fresh flower of lavandin. Croatian lavandin has a low camphor percentage which makes it even more similar to lavandula angustifolia.

Essential oil has a soothing scent, making it an excellent tonic for the nerves. It can help in treating migraine, headaches, anxiety, depression, tension and stress. Its pleasing odor helps to eliminate fatigue and restlessness and to increase mental activity. The bath calms the body, pleasantly cools and stimulates the sleep.

It is also great remedy for various types of pain. It was used for centuries with neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, neck pain, muscle inflammation and for reducing muscular pain and tension, affects rheumatism, spasm, lumbago. Regular massage with lavender oil has been known to alleviate joint pain. Essential oil is intensively used for breathing problems including throat infections, flu, cough, colds, asthma, sinus blockage, bronchitis, laryngitis. In these conditions, the oil is preferably inhaled or applied to the area of ​​the neck, chest and back.

Essential lavandin oil can also help to promote circulation in the body. There are reports it even lowers blood pressure and it is used for hypertension. Some of the other reports include it is useful for digestion as it increases bowel mobility. It can also help to stimulate the production of gastric juices and bile and helps to treat stomach pain, chills, swelling, vomiting and diarrhea.

For all the mentioned reasons regular use can enhance immunity and disease resistance. The health benefits of essential oil for skin can be attributed to antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil has also been used to treat many skin diseases, acne, psoriasis, inflammation. It is good for wounds, cuts, burns and helps in regeneration and healing of scars.

Lavandin essential oil effects make its application extremely diverse and we believe that you will be delighted with the product, whether you use them just for their pleasant scent, as a skin care product or as an additional help for relaxing, better sleep and a variety of other problems.

The usage possibilities are numerous and essential oil will find its practical application and hopefully, combined with our service, it will make you our regular customer.

Our goal is to build a long term business partnerships by offering high quality, reliable and durable products at affordable prices. We hope you will join us in discovering this high quality product and that our attention and overall service (customer service usual reply on a business day is within few hours) will be a reason for your positive feedback and for our long term cooperation.

Please be advised about the import duties, taxes and charges that may apply in your country as they are not included in the total price. Standard shipping estimated delivery: 3-6 business days to Europe, 5-15 business days to the rest of the world.

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