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Special offer with additional devices for anyone who would like to try higher magnetic field intensity, various frequency options and polarized light therapy benefits.

Offer includes Quattro-Med PEMF mattress with memory foam, silver and ceramic texture additions, second PEMF device with higher magnetic field intensity and more frequency abilities. Second device doesn't have Quattro-Med's unique additions and you can't sleep on it whole night but it is also elegantly shaped, compact full body PEMF therapy mattress (ergonomic design, easy to store and transport, requires very little space). It is easy to clean and absolutely hygienic. The control unit has a „soft-touch”, non-slide surface. It is a mobile device, foldable and easy to transport even on a vacation.

As a bonus you will also receive a polarized light therapy designed to treat scars and wounds: polarisation rate: >99%, light size: c. 10.5 x 1.5 cm (4.13 x 0.59 inch), package size: c. 22.5 x 14.5 x 4.5 cm (8.86 x 5.71 x 1.77 inch).

Both PEMF mattresses are ideal for all ages, especially if the body is overstressed with bad environmental conditions, stress and the way of life resulting in abnormal condition. It helps in self-therapy mechanisms, thus we can help achieve very good results in the treatment of more severe problems.

Pulsed electromagnetic devices are not used as medical devices, but over the last few decades a multitude of studies and testimonials have confirmed the beneficial effects on a number of issues including:

- musculoskeletal system

- circulation

- gastrointestinal system

- respiratory system

- nervous system


Devices can be used for private or commercial purposes (retirement homes, salons, physical therapy, various fitness and wellness programs) and are recommended for people who lead a stressful life, feel a lack of energy and want to improve their overall well-being.


Recorded possible effects of the pulsed electromagnetic field (through studies and testimonials over the last decades on various PEMF therapies): relieves pain, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system, improves oxygen supply, improves stress resistance, stimulates sleep, raises the level of energy, accelerates recovery, enhances exercise, has antimicrobial activity.


Foldable mattress (size c. 165 x 65 cm, 65 x 25 inch) has been made in a several limited quantity editions but always with the same frequency and intensity options so only the packaging may vary. For more information contact us on


Devices detailed description:



Estimated delivery time with tracking number:

3-6 business days to Europe and Russian Federation, 6-12 business days to United States, Canada and the rest of the world.

Please be advised about the import duties, taxes and charges that may apply in your country as they are not included in the total price.

Even though there are no known side effects, we do not recommend that you use the therapy in the following cases:

- pregnancy, epilepsy, conditions involving bleeding, pacemaker or any other electronic implant (e.g. insulin pump), malignant tumors, fever, viral or bacterial infection, children under the age of 5, complaints of unknown origin, myasthenia gravis, hyper functional hormonal disorders, increased thyroid function, in the case of those undergoing immunosuppressive treatment.


Last but not least! Be sure to read the following, especially if you have never used PEMF therapy: 

Be patient, the biggest effect of PEMF therapy is in long-term use. PEMF is a very delicate therapeutic method that can help activate the body's own regenerative capabilities.  Effects are determined by a number of factors, such as the type of the problem, its duration, the subjective sensitivity to the applied electromagnetic field, but also the psychological state. If the person is negatively tuned, the treatment will probably be longer. Every person can be effected differently and we hope you will be among people who found this natural therapy to be a great drug-free additional help.

It is not reasonable to expect major improvement after only few days or weeks with any non-invasive complementary therapy, but the fact remains that PEMF is beneficial as it works on a cellular level, even if you don't feel immediate effect. With regular use and over time you will gain a friend in PEMF therapy that will always be there for you.

All the mentioned general effects of PEMF are not specifically related to one product as it is an accumulation of studies and testimonials over the past decades and there is no guarantee it will have the same impact on you. After months of use some people might feel effect more while some could feel it less, rarely none, but in either way you have chosen a healthy, safe, non-drug natural option which will be beneficial for you in the years to come. It is a long term investment in what values the most: your well-being.


Return policy:

All returns must include original packaging and the issued receipt to avoid import duties, taxes and charges. Returns that don't include undamaged original packaging and the receipt will not be accepted. Items must be returned in its original condition so make sure to always have a protective cover or a bedsheet over the PEMF devices. Return (money back) is enabled for 14 days after receiving the item. Before ordering please be informed that the buyer pays return shipping and 15% restocking fee as the devices can't be resold as new again.


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Quattro-Med PEMF

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Customer service usual reply on a business day is within few hours, but feel free to send a message at any time and we will respond as soon as possible.
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