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Shipping information

Please be advised about the import duties, taxes and charges that may apply in your country as they are not included in the total price. Orders are available only from the following countries: ASIA: CHINA, HONG KONG, INDIA, ISRAEL, JAPAN, THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA,...
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Refurbished and display PEMF devices?

As a general rule all of our refurbished, display and demo devices are every bit as good as new. If a general rule doesn't apply, it will be further explained in particular offer. To cut a long story short, acquiring our promotional, refurbished, display or demo device is a great opportunity to...
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How to order multiple devices?

Since we have received several offers regarding multiple device purchase, we wanted to inform you that wholesale opportunities are not available at the moment. If you have a similar request send a message on and we will get back to you when wholesale...
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Quattro-Med PEMF Customer service usual reply on a business day is within few hours, but feel free to send a message at any time and we will respond as soon as possible.

All of the offered PEMF devices are made in Europe (Quattro-Med mattress is made in Italy), so there will be no additional fees for orders from European Union, but for other countries customs fees may apply. Additional costs are buyers responsibility.
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