and thank you for joining us in discovering new generation pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) devices with superb additions!

After years of pursuit we think we finally found the best solution in PEMF world, the one that gives not only one or two 20 minutes treatments a day, but offers so much more. With Quattro-Med you have the option to lay it on your bed and use it anytime you want, with or without PEMF function as it is a high quality slim memory foam mattress. There are lot of options when it comes to PEMF mats, but Quattro-Med offers something more as it is by far the most comfortable, more affordable and has 3 unique additions (visco memory foam, antibacterial silver ions and ceramic texture).

Decades of manufacturing classic PEMF devices were successfully combined with craftsmanship of Italian textile producers in order to produce a prestige product. Furthermore, unlike the big brands Quattro-Med still has a “custom made” feel as it is not mass produced. Stylish Italian design helps it stand out and we hope it will make you feel and sleep better!

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The whole manufacturing process is made in Europe so there are no cheap materials or cheap labor involved. As a final result you will get a beautiful, distinguishable, high quality product for a lot less money.

We have ensured even more affordable prices during the 2021. Free shipping to USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, China and Russian Federation is another 2021 gift. Some other countries are also included, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, various shipment restrictions are in place. Before ordering make sure your country is on the approved list: https://www.quattro-med-pemf.com/news/shipping-information/

More of the great PEMF devices can be found in our other categories (classic and refurbished PEMF devics) with numerous value for money offers.

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Shipping information

Please be advised about the import duties, taxes and charges that may apply in your country as they are not included in the total price. Orders are available only from the following...
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Refurbished and display PEMF devices?

As a general rule all of our refurbished, display and demo devices are every bit as good as new. If a general rule doesn't apply, it will be further explained in particular offer. To cut a long story...
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Quattro-Med FAQ

What is the frequency range?


 Quattro-Med has three default programs with 8-26 frequency range (P1: 26/15.6 Hz, P2: 8-16 Hz, P3: 15.6 Hz). 

Is there a warranty on PEMF device?

The warranty is 12 months (buyer pays return shipping) on PEMF devices if they are purchased at the regular price and unless otherwise stated. For promotional sales, the warranty is valid if indicated.

Will the device work in my country?


Quattro-Med will work perfectly in any part of the world.

Could this mattress be placed over the back of a couch so that one could sit into it?

Mattress is designed primarily to be placed on a bed and other use could shorten the devices durability. Since the back of the couch has smaller dimensions there would be severe folding and uneven pressure which could damage the mattress. This kind of use is not recommended and it is not covered by the warranty. 

What is the size of the PEMF mattress?

Quattro-Med is probably the only PEMF device truly offering full body size (200 x 80 cm, c. 78 x 31 inch).

How much will the shipping and PayPal fees cost me?

Worldwide shipping and PayPal fees are entirely up to us so there will be no additional cost. However, potential customs fees are buyers responsability.

Please send us a message regarding your country as there are some countries we are not able to ship to. Free shipping to USA, and Canada is available.

Quattro-Med PEMF

info@quattro-med-pemf.com Customer service usual reply on a business day is within few hours, but feel free to send a message at any time and we will respond as soon as possible.

All of the offered PEMF devices are made in Europe (Quattro-Med mattress is made in Italy) so there will be no additional fees for orders from European Union, but for other countries customs fees may apply. Additional costs are buyers responsibility.
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